Of course. Every custom-made garage requires to make a minimum of one Bobber. Just that our concept for a Bobber was not the typical one. Rather of making yet another heavy, enormous and dark Bobber, we imagined the contrary: Light, sophisticated, glossy and vibrant.

For that function, we picked a Yamaha V-Star 650 from 2005, which is– if we are sincere– at the very first look, not an exceptionally remarkable bike.

To turn it into what we wanted, we installed a glossy 21-inch front wheel, to alter the total shape and impression. We utilized the front end of a Harley, consisting of the forks and guiding head, that required some remodel to get them onto the Yamaha. Together with the initial tank, this moved the optical weight well to the front.

The back required some remarkable modifications, however, as the Yamaha can be found in the initial shape as extremely heavy on the rear end. When we removed off whatever to leave literary just the back wheel in, we loved what we saw! So we chose that the bike requires to look as near that naked shape as possible.

We developed an extremely light however comfy seat, that is matching the line and color receding from the tank. Both front and rear fender got formed to accept the tires and were installed essentially onto the wheel, which we enabled by hanging them up onto the very same suspension as the wheel itself.

Some mental capacity entered into the job to leave likewise the battery someplace, where it optically does not interrupt the line, however, is still simple to gain access to.

Those long pipelines … not attractive to take a look at, and not remarkable to listen to. That was altered by customizing the initial exhaust, however keeping the elegant staggering shape. Another handlebar, an extremely light Acewell speedo, and perfectly fitting controls provided the bike the total sophisticated surface.

Having actually the bike finished, the turning point pertained to pick the color. We explored a lot, and absolutely nothing appeared right– up until we discovered a spectacular 3-layer finishing of white, green and orange, with an excellent procedure of pearl result in the paint. You ought to see that bike when the sun comes out!