Motorcycle Customizing Dos and Don’ts

Tailoring you bike is what makes your motorbike yours, and in some cases, you may wind up getting frightened with all the choices out there. With all the bolt-ons, saddlebags/leather, tires, customized bodywork and paint tasks out there it might be a little challenging. Here are some dos and don’ts for when you go to develop your two-wheeled personification.

Bolt-On Dos and Don’ts:

  • Consider blending various type of metal surfaces. Chrome, polished aluminum and stainless-steel all shine with little various tones.
  • Make sure the designs of the devices are complementary.
  • Be mindful when setting up chrome parts, they scratch easily.
  • Wash and wax bolt-ons regularly.
  • Don’t chrome whatever, concealing unsightly parts can be more effective.
  • Don’t tidy chrome with abrasive cleaners.

Saddlebag/Leather Dos and Do n’ts:


  • Make sure all leather devices include suitable styles.
  • Be sure throw over saddlebags are firmly connected to the bike.
  • Remember that light-colored leather is more vulnerable to the elements.
  • Periodically deal with the leather with a top-quality conditioner.
  • Don’t overload leather bags. Overladen fork bags can trigger dealing with problems.
  • Don’ t permit bags to swing into the rear wheel.

Wheels/ Tires Dos and Don’ts:

  • Mount all wheel hardware prior to setting up the tires to be sure whatever will fit correctly.
  • Check with both wheel and tire producers when carrying out non-standard installations.
  • Bleed brakes and bed in pads carefully.
  • Don’t overlook a tire’s suggested rim width.
  • Don’t chrome the swept location of brake discs.

Fender Dos and Don’ts:

  • Fit the bodywork prior to painting it.
  • Allow for rear suspension travel, especially with large wheels and tires.
  • Since most bodywork gets here raw and incomplete, the time invested sanding will pay dividends when the parts are painted.
  • Don’t forget to protect the circuitry harness to the rear fender or frame rails.
  • Don’t limit your creativity. If parts aren’t offered for a specific design, get innovative and customize the stock bodywork or graft on another bike’s fenders.

Paint Dos and Don’ts:

  • Visit stores that focus on motorcycles.
  • Ask to see a portfolio and completed bikes.
  • Select a painter whose design fits your own.
  • Ask about a warranty.
  • Don’ t choose your painter based upon cost alone.
  • Don’t trust a painter whose paint cubicle is unclean or dusty.
  • Don’t usage lacquers – fuel can harm them.