Here’s all you need to know before buying a Royal Enfield motorcycle

Royal Enfield motorbikes hold a unique location in the hearts of Indian bike lovers. Here is a take a look at a few of the functions that you need to understand prior to getting one from the display room.


We see many individuals strutting their Royal Enfields on the streets. Nevertheless, these bikes were not constructed for total power. While the bike does have excellent low-end torque, the reality is even a 200cc bike can handle a 350cc Royal Enfield in a straight-line race. However, if you are not a speed freak and do not mind rolling at no greater than 70-80 km/h, a Royal Enfield will chomp those miles without care worldwide.


Yes, handlebar buzz is a thing which’s not the only location you feel it. The low revving thump of the engine might sound excellent, however, every beat is a hammer to the underside of the seat. Not a lot has actually been done to tame those vibrations nevertheless. On a Classic 350 that I had the chance to ride, speeds above 40 km/h triggered my rear-view mirrors to vibrate a lot that whatever developed into a blur. To contribute to that, after riding the bike for 30 minutes, my hands went numb with the buzzing.


Do not attempt to corner on a Royal Enfield. While making sparkies on a lot of bikes is enjoyable, the majority of them have footpegs that collapse upwards. A lot of Enfields have footpegs that are bonded straight to the frame. If you corner too hard, there is a risk of leveraging the rear wheel leading to a nasty crash.


Royal Enfields are heavy bikes and nobody can argue that truth. While it is partially tiresome to manoeuvre in rush hour, for the many parts, it is not extremely challenging while on the relocation. The issue comes if the bike falls. It takes a little bit of muscle to raise it back up and if not done properly, there is a great opportunity you can injure your back.


Like I stated, there are benefits and drawbacks to every bike. Royal Enfield is now beginning to present bikes with ABS. The Classic Signals Edition was the very first and the Himalayan is the current Royal Enfield to accomplish this security function. ABS includes an excellent procedure of security that is vital to every motorcyclist in India, particularly with our riding conditions.


While many individuals state the Royal Enfield is in some cases a costly bike to keep, the reality is with a little technical knowledge, it is, in fact, a relatively basic bike to look after. The majority of the upkeep work can be done at house with a bit more than a fundamental took box.

Riding posture

While the vibrations can trigger you to buzz for hours after a long flight, you will not have a bad back to contribute to that issue. The Royal Enfield has an exceptionally comfy seating position with an upright position, greater manage bars and forward set footpegs.

Larger engines

Desire more from the Royal Enfield steady? You got it. Royal Enfield is preparing to release the brand-new 650cc twins, the Interceptor and Continental GT in the coming months. Both bikes include a parallel twin cylinder engine producing 47.7 PS of power and 52 Nm of torque mated to a 6-speed transmission.

Now, would you still opt for that long cruise on that roaring Thunderbird or would you rather choose the smaller sized, quicker bike?