Custom Baggers

Custom baggers: complete cabinets, complete gown tourers, deckers, grocery getters … they pass numerous names however they all have the very same things in typical: huge V-twin engines, huge front wheels, huge saddlebags, sensuous bodywork, and doubtful levels of taste. Unlike custom-made café racers that usually choose a subtle and downplayed style visual, or custom-made scramblers that need a rough and prepared nature, customized baggers promote the loud and happy, larger is much better, excessive mindset. And they should.

Custom baggers aren’t subtle and they’re created to turn heads and get your attention, so if a task’s worth doing, it’s worth doing effectively and going all in. Nevertheless, the world of motorbike personalization needs bike designers and contractors to stroll a really great line that can cause failure if they exceed the mark. By meaning, these bagger motorbike monsters are implied to be loud and happy. They require to include an entire host of timeless bagger parts, with huge front wheels, exceptionally painted side cover, substantial bags, and an over the top nature. Naturally, a big v-twin engine is likewise a pre-requisite, however not all custom-made baggers for sale are custom-made Harley baggers, and a few of the entries on this list might shock you.

Taste is subjective though, and what a single person thinks about to be a work of art another may think about to be a creative catastrophe, so prior to we get any additional with our list of …uncommon… looking customized baggers, we simply wish to state that none of the entries on the list is improperly made, and all of them are well-engineered to the greatest levels– our only issue with them is the visual. Even then, you still need to praise the designers for taking the dangers in the very first location, and after that putting out there. Some outrageous concepts work … however the large bulk of them are simply too insane to understand, and we’ve took a look around online for a few of the worst wrongdoers.

It’s all a matter of taste however, and considering that there is no best dish for success in this field, we can just say sorry if you’re not pleased with a few of our options. If there were a dish for producing acclaimed baggers, what would it even be? Big bags? A huge front wheel? Huge skirts? More extra lighting than an oil-rig? An audio setup that could wake the dead? At the end of the day, it does not truly matter. As long it moves on and still works as a bike, right? Anyhow, let’s have a look at a few of the leading customized baggers that we feel were integrated in doubtful, however likewise dazzling, taste …

10 Custom Baggers That Are Just Too Weird For Our Tastes

# 10. The Kawasaki ZX-14 Bagger

Yes, that is precisely what we’re taking a look at: a Kawasaki ZX-14 that the industrious people at Platinum Motorcycles have actually fastidiously transformed into a hard-luggage using bagger. Keep in mind that great line we discussed above, well this insane development can fall on either side of it, depending upon your individual choices. You see, it isludicrous, however it’s likewise genius at the very same time. From a style viewpoint, we can see the idea development. Take among the world’s fastest production motorbikes and treat it with the usefulness of having a set of bags implanted to it, right? It works well on paper, and it in fact operated in reality for the Kawasaki H2 sports-tourer derivative, the H2-SX, so the people at Platinum Motorcycles may well have actually been on to something. Still, you can’t assist however ask yourself “Why however?”

The idea is excellent and if you’re in the marketplace for a head turning bagger, well, they do not get more fascinating than this– however what makes this one fail in our viewpoint is the truth that it limits the ZX-14. It will not be walking around any sweeping corners, and it definitely will not be enjoyable to ride. And the color is another story completely. This one is a love/hate on our customized baggers list. It’s difficult to specify …

# 09. The HD Road King “VIRUS” by Pairadice Cycles

In reality, this Harley Davidson Road King isn’t a dreadful looking bagger, however as bagger custom-mades go, it goes a bit over the top. On the surface area, it’s got all the essential bagger active ingredients: a huge 30 “front wheel, cool customized paint, extended whatever, and some remarkable bodywork. To truly set it apart from the crowd, the great folks (and bagger professionals) at Pairadice Cycles included a cool audio system that consists of a Wet Sounds stereo with 6 × 9 speakers incorporated into the bags, and to make things even wilder, they included motorized saddle bag covers that raise and close at the touch of a button. There are lots of other terrific functions that consist of custom-made lightings plans, custom-made bodywork, and a vast array of aftermarket parts … however then they went and ruined all of it by including something foolish like a.flame thrower.

A flame-throwing customized exhaust is a bit …strive, isn’t it? Cool on paper, however in truth, individuals with flame tossing exhausts aren’t most likely to be your regional goons and street toughs, and they’re truly most likely to be your Sunday rider-only, paper-pushing, 9 til 5, middle supervisors in desperate requirement of some character. It was all going so well till that mid-life crisis influenced flame-throwing exhaust raised its awful head. Pity.

# 08. The Veneno Bagger by VooDoo Bikeworks

Now, VooDoo Bikeworks make some definitely spectacular bikes. In reality, there are some who had actually reaches to call them the outright kings of the customized bagger sector– however this bike isn’t among their finest. Or it may be, depending upon how you take a look at it. You see, this bike was developed as a one-off for The History Channel’s program Biker Battleground.The format of the series was basic, Paul Yaffe handles some other bagger contractors in a bike build-off, declaring that he was the initial innovator of these contemporary customized baggers, calling everybody else “copycats.” While the facility of the program was quite weak, it did toss up some intriguing custom-made baggers– like this extremely awful, however extremely fascinating offering from Kody McNew from VooDoo

For a start, it’s powered by a gas-turbine starter engine that’s generally discovered on an F-14 fighter. Cool right? Yeah, it’s technically dazzling and by rights it need to be visually amazing too, since it appears like Kody chose to take his bodywork motivation from the famous and exceptionally uncommon Lamborghini Veneno. Sadly, it didn’t rather exercise, and the outcome is something that’s quite awful and rather … over the top. The addition of the rear spoiler was likewise an error … however while we can all concur that this is an unsightly customized bagger, it’s unquestionably intriguing and you need to value the work that has actually entered into it. A great deal of vision entered into this … however unfortunately it didn’t rather struck house.

# 07. The Cycle Worx Full Dresser

This is a list about over the leading customized baggers, so it’s just fitting that we include this bad young boy from South Carolina’s Cycle Worx. It’s garish, it’s ostentatious, and obviously, it’s a program bike … however to make things even much better, it passes the name of”Over Kill “– simply to let everybody understand that Cycle Worx understood precisely what they were doing when they constructed this. As much as we ‘d like to state it was the item of excessive interest and doubtful taste, this one was constructed to turn heads, raise eye eyebrows, and take the style of over the leading customized baggers as far as they might without pushing away the remainder of the bagger neighborhood. Over the top? Definitely. Eye capturing? Absolutely. Would you like to own it? Hell no.

Developed on top of a 2005 Harley-Davidson Road King (not a Road Glide) and fitted out with a custom-made front fairing, a massive 32-inch spinner front wheel, front and rear air suspension, a forward dealing with 2-to-1 exhaust, and an upgraded engine that includes a Screamin’ Eagle 95-inch package and more, the Over Killdoes precisely what it states on the tin. And all that’s prior to we even discuss the blinged-up chrome and violent green paint work. In general, it harms your eyes to take a look at, however you still can’t assist gazing at it. That’s excessive Over Kill done precisely right. Or incorrect, depending upon your viewpoint.

# 06. The Snow Bunny Road Glide by One Time Customs

Big, white, and frightening– that’s this offering from One Time Customs. This insane Snow Bunny was constructed on top of a Harley-Davidson Road Glide initially however there’s not a hell of a great deal of differentiating functions delegated assist us determine it as one. As you can see, the excellent fellas from North Carolina’s One Time Customs have actually handled to change this bagger into something totally various thanks to that fascinating bodywork. The brand-new front fairing is a one-off edition that keeps 2 small headlights, and keeps the audio and infotainment functions in location. Partnered with a diving rear end and not a lot else, how can we call this one “over the top?”

Really quickly, in truth, thanks to that extremely brave option of paintwork. There’s a great deal of white flake sprinkled throughout this one, and it make a huge effect. The images actually can’t do it justice, however picture it under the complete glare of the midday sun– then you’ll get a concept about why we believe this customized bagger is less bike and more attention-seeking rocket. There’s no other way you’re not going to discover this one if it zipped past you or was stalling in the car park. No chance. It’s going to get you discovered, that’s for sure. And if it makes individuals gaze … then you can wager that it’s a little over the top.

# 05. The Copper King by Backyard Baggers

Back Yard Baggers have developed some legendary over the leading custom-made baggers in their time, and they constantly get our attention when we see them– nevertheless, we’re constantly left asking ourselves “how are they going to top that a person?”After constructing one outrageous bagger after another, definitely the business has tired all of its choices, right? Incorrect. It looks like no matter how difficult it appears, Joey Hensley’s Back Yard Baggers, based out of Winston-Salem in North Carolina, constantly have another technique up their sleeve. This rather outrageous maker is one that you’re either going to like or dislike: it has a lot going on, and we’re not completely sure that all of it works. However, it makes you wish to find out more about everything.

Think it or not, there is a Harley-Davidson Road King buried beneath that intriguing paintwork, however not a great deal of the donor is left below that strange paintwork. In advance, Back Yard Baggers have actually changed the initial front wheel with a huge slim system, mated to an eccentric set of air flight forks, hanging on to the brand-new head light and managed by some seriously high handlebars. Copper has actually been utilized basically any place humanly possible, on the wheel spokes, throughout the engine, over the dash, on the exhaust, and all over else. And it’s that combination of copper and the other strange color options that actually raise this custom-made bagger to unusual brand-new levels. Neon lime green? Yikes. It’s a gotten taste, to be sure.

# 04. Cards, Skeletons, And Jenny McCarthy by Godfather Baggers

How do you take a 2016 Harley-Davidson Road Glide custom-made and turn it approximately eleven? Like this, obviously. This is the work of Godfather Baggers from Rutherford, North Carolina– and young boy, it’s one of the most over the leading custom-made baggers that we’ve ever seen. Including a 30 inch front wheel, a 8 inch stretch, custom-made brake rotors, brand-new Touring Torpedo forks, custom bodywork, insane speaker covers, an incredible LED setup, and more billet parts than we ‘d care to count. It’s quite severe, however it’s not all visual– the motor has actually had actually some work done to it too, in the kind of brand-new billet air cleaners, an aftermarket 2-to-1 exhaust system from Misfit Industries that offers the engine more horse power than it might ever rationally utilize.

It’s currently over the top, however then we get to the paintwork and other styling information. It began with a red base, and even then it would’ve been head-turning and captivating enough … however then things got truly unusual. If the red wasn’t enough, the group at Godfather Baggers employed the creative abilities of Brian Morgan from BKP Art in Easley, South Carolina to include some rather fascinating white graphics. Now, we’ve got absolutely nothing versus card gamers, skeletons, or Jenny McCarthy, however should they all fulfill on the side of a customized bagger? We’re uncertain. However the outcome is an over the top, reveal stopping, custom-made bagger.

# 03. The Futuristic Street Glide by Hatred Customs

That’s currently outstanding things, however include a Platinum Air Suspension system, a GSX-R headlight, a sh * t load of speakers, and a Dakota Digital evaluate plan, and you’re on the method to over the leading achievement. Which’s prior to we even discuss the bodywork. The remodelled front fairing is something, and it actually changes the front of the Harley into something alien-like and challenging, however the bodywork at the back isn’t to be dismissed either, considering that it showcases some fascinating curves and swoops. In general, the sculptural impact makes a striking effect. Would you wish to own it though? That’s a matter of taste, however if you desire something distinctive that breaks the stereotype, then this may be for you. Oh yeah, and it’s turbocharged too. Simply in case you were questioning.

# 02. The Green Grafitti Bagger by Camtech Custom Baggers

Based out of Summerville, South Carolina, Camtech Custom Baggers have actually constructed a few of the most exceptionally outrageous baggers ever to grace the country’s roadways, and this vandalized, graffiti-fied 2011 Harley-Davidson Road Glide is among the most over the leading customized baggers that we have actually ever seen. If this does not make you stop, stay up, and take note, then absolutely nothing will. You may not like it, and you may not like it, however you’ll certainly remember it– that’s for sure. Oh, and this one is in fact owned by among Camtech’s really own staff members, so you can picture that no cost was spared on producing this over the leading monster. The Road Glide was raked out to accommodate a huge 30 inch Renegade Whistler front wheel, removed of the majority of the initial HD parts and updated with Camtech originals, however it’s the paintwork that has most of our attention.

Tagging and graffiti either interest you or you outright dislike it. We’re not going to let you understand which side of the fence we fall on this one, however there’s no rejecting just how much ability and effort has actually entered into turning this insane custom-made bagger into something entirely indistinguishable. It’s a wild style, and it has actually been carried out with ability and accuracy … however there’s something about the information, the lines, and the colors that makes our heads injure! It’s outrageous and over the top, however we dig it.

# 01. The Mystery Road Glide by Anonymous

If anybody understands who the home builder of this hypnotic custom-made is, then let us understand so that we can provide the correct credit since it may not be the most fantastic bagger you’ve ever seen, it definitely is among the most appealing and amusing. Is it unsightly? Potentially. Is it ugly? Probably. Is it over the top? Oh yes– which’s what makes this one our preferred over the leading device on the list. Identified at the Boardwalk Show at Daytona Beach, this secret bagger has actually been turning heads online and off. Whether it’s in a great way refers viewpoint though. To some riders, this is the supreme Road Glide … however to others, it’s absolutely nothing except disrespect. What do you believe?

Kitted out with an enormous 30 inch front wheel and properly raked to accommodate, this bagger has actually been sliced and extended, and geared up with a substantial front fender, double disc brakes, air trip suspension for the front and back, and more. The engine has actually been treated with a One-Two Stage 1 set, a brand-new air cleaner, and a brand-new 2-to-1 exhaust system. Out the back, this secret bike has some major bags, extended to accommodate some speakers and home entertainment. However it’s the paintwork that truly set this one apart from the crowd. As we’ve pointed out currently, graffiti isn’t for everybody– nevertheless, these spray can design graphics actually pop versus the blue base, making a huge impression, whether you like it or not. Is it classy? Is it sacrilegious? We do not understand– however it’s certainly over the top, which’s all that matters here.